Senior Transport Specialist

by Christobel James in Automotive
SGD 70k - SGD 100k


The Senior Transport Specialist is expected to provide leadership to task teams and work on transport projects across several transport modes however preference goes out to a Specialist with proven experience in developing Urban Mobility policies and projects in East Asia and Pacific (EAP). The EAP transport portfolio has increased substantially over the past 4 years, with a total of 40 ongoing projects and about 13 under preparation.

The position, therefore, requires candidates with expertise and practical experience in Decarbonization of Transport in general and Urban Mobility in particular, with a background in policies, sustainable financing/ carbon credits mechanisms, planning, financial and economic analyses, technical modelling, procurement, and related technical issues. Broader knowledge of the key issues in the transport sector, including gender, accessibility, social and environmental impacts and safeguards, public-private partnerships, and climate change considerations are also required.


The primary objectives of the assignment will be to:

  • Lead and/or co-lead task teams in the preparation and implementation of transport projects in the East Asia and Pacific, covering the core elements (planning, financial and economic analysis, engineering, maintenance, and operations), but also incorporating key cross-cutting issues such as gender, climate change, road safety, and private sector engagement.
  • Contribute to developing and/or revising the regional transport strategy, ensuring alignment with country programs as part of Systematic Country Diagnostics, Country Partnership Frameworks, and the Regional Partnership Framework for East Asia and Pacific Countries. 
  • Engage with, advise, and provide guidance to clients in designing and advancing sector policy and institutional reforms and capacity building programs, seeking to develop capacity in the implementing entities to plan, develop, and manage transport projects under their jurisdiction, with increased attention to issues such as gender equality and climate change.
  • Contribute to the policy dialogue under the guidance of the Practice Manager and the CMU, with external partners/development partners in the countries and region.
  • Provide support and guidance to improve the quality of transport projects in general, through peer reviews, technical advice, quality assurance, in-depth review of problem projects, and junior staff mentoring.
  • Provide procurement and contract management support and advice to the project implementing agencies.
  • Participate in cross-sectoral teams responsible for preparation of policy notes, Systematic Country Diagnostics and Country Partnership Frameworks, public expenditures reviews, sectoral studies, and research and policy development activities on the topics/sections pertaining to the transport, urban development, trade and competitiveness, and agriculture sectors.
  • Support the Organisation's professional community of staff engaged in the transport practice by participating in a selected number of thematic technical groups (Global Solutions Groups or Communities of Practice) and drafting of technical notes and supporting cutting-edge work in collaboration with other global practices to enhance knowledge creation and dissemination and expanding the existing knowledge base.
  • Stay abreast of recent developments in the transport sector world-wide, and on cross-cutting issues, in relation to the topics of specialization for this position; identifying knowledge gaps and disseminating relevant knowledge to clients; and
  • Represent the Organisation at public events relevant to the sector.


  • Masters degree or higher in civil/transport engineering, planning, economics, public policy, (sustainable) finance, or other related fields.
  • Minimum 8 years proven experience in the transport sector or in a related infrastructure field (either with a governments transport authority, contractor(s), design or supervision consultant(s), or development institutions), with demonstrated ability to work on: (a) design or planning; (b) civil works contract management and execution; (c) procurement of civil works and consultancy contracts; (d) community-based, labor intensive mechanisms for road and/or infrastructure maintenance; and (e) economic, social, and environmental impact of infrastructure investments;
  • Experience of working with programs financed by other development partners, multilateral or bilateral.
  • Work experience in developing countries, with experience in more than one of the regions and/or in fragile and island states as an asset.
  • Experience in analytical work, such as on international and national transport policy, strategy, institutions and regulation as they relate to the transport sector.
  • Knowledge of key developments in related sectors and on cross-cutting issues affecting the performance of the transport sector, such as private sector engagement, environmental and social impacts including gender-based violence, road safety, operational health and safety issues, and climate change.
  • High degree of dynamism and self-motivation, as well as the ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to identify and develop potential areas for future client transport sector initiatives based on client consultation and analysis.
  • Willingness to travel to and work in challenging country environments.

Christobel James

Christobel James

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