Partnering with global networks and organisations enables us to support clients and candidates on a global level


Gemini is an active member of NPAworldwide (NPA), a global non-profit association linking over 450 privately owned recruitment firms worldwide enabling them to work together on global assignments. Within Asia, NPA has representation in China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. NPA's mission is to promote and ensure the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, which ties in closely with Gemini's code of conduct.

Gemini's association with NPA offers clients a value added service whereby a pool of highly qualified professionals with relevant training and experience is accessible and available to our clients. Most NPA member firms are specialised in a specific industry or field.

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Career Star Group

Career Star Group is a global leader in the local delivery of career transition, outplacement and redeployment services. Career Star Group is uniquely positioned to support client needs in headcount reduction ranging from supporting a single board director or the closure of a manufacturing facility affecting large numbers of personnel. This can be a challenging time for all those affected as well as those having to manage the process. Career Star partners cover over 80 countries, occupy primary positions in their national markets and are able to create innovative and meaningful solutions no matter how complex the scenario being faced. Career Star Group teams have significant experience in all facets of career transition and outplacement processes.

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IXPA (International Executive Provider Alliance) is a strong, experienced organisation combining the individual competencies of national providers into a global collaboration on the basis of trust, quality-controlled processes and professionalism to provide value-added service for the customers. All members of IXPA are owner-managed which ensures a high level understanding of clients’ needs, keeping sustainable relationships with their clients and delivering perfect matching of candidates, in order to achieve excellent returns in interim management solutions.

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Zetland Fiduciary Group

Zetland Fiduciary Group is a sister company with a common ownership background to Gemini. Established in 1987 and headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Auckland, Belize, London, Shanghai, and Singapore the Zetland Fiduciary Group offers personal service and professional advice with total confidentiality.

Since inception, Zetland has been working with a select group of high net-worth individuals and corporations to achieve their objectives in a cost-effective, private and conservative manner. Zetland’s strategies aim to discreetly assist clients to implement global strategies that maximize returns and preserve wealth. Zetland operates independently, while maintaining a worldwide network of professional advisers, correspondents and local agents. Zetland is active in the formation and administration of companies in Hong Kong, Singapore and all offshore jurisdictions. Zetland can provide nominee directors and shareholders. Zetland is licensed as a trust company in Hong Kong and Belize and can form trusts and foundations in many jurisdictions. Zetland Tax Advisors based in Hong Kong provide compliance and tax planning services. Further information can be found at Zetland’s website.

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Entertainer.Work, a collaboration between Gemini Personnel & Blast Productions, is a networking platform for reliable freelance entertainers and employers varying from international booking agencies, event organisers and hotels.

Subscribed users can browse gigs and/or entertainers across the world and be matched without any agency fee being charged. Entertainer.Work aims to become the world’s largest entertainment booking site.

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The idea of hiring a Managing Director on a 3-month contract would seem like a strange concept for many businesses, who view stability and long term leadership as essential to future success. But in recent years, there has been a growing demand for Interim Managers – experienced executives who have the leadership, communication and problem-solving skills needed to support a business through a crisis or a critical time of change.

Interim.Works aims to connect independent Interim Managers to companies looking for a temporary Senior Manager or a specialist to take on a project, such as a restructuring or turning around a failing business.

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