Successful case: Sales Manager for an insoles manufacturer in Guangzhou

... by Gemini Personnel 7th Aug, 2019

The client:
Our client is a globally well-known company manufacturing foam insoles to help shoe brands build better shoes by making them more comfortable. The company is a leading insoles supplier, supplying to over 250 leading footwear brands.

The challenge:
The client was specifically looking for a Sales Manager to exploit the market and initiate collaborations with more sport shoe brands. The candidate they were looking for was required to have experience in leading a team and should have good English skills.

The process:
One of Gemini’s consultants identified five suitable candidates after screening Gemini’s networks that were introduced to the client. Our consultant convinced the hiring manager to be open to candidates with various backgrounds but transferable skills, because it became apparent that the hiring manager’s requirements were hard to find in the current market.

One of the candidates, who was initially found to have dissatisfactionary English capabilities and experience in an industry other than shoe productions and sales, was then offered the position. The consultant helped the hiring manager realise the candidate’s useful transferable skills and the candidate convinced the hiring manager of his English skills.

The result:
Gemini’s consultant supported both the client and the candidate during the negotiation process and after signing the employment agreement; they let the consultant know they were happy and satisfied with the support and advice of Gemini’s consultant during the process and negotiation.

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