Gemini’s HR Solutions ensure a smooth transition through every stage of the employee lifecycle to attract, develop and retain talent as well as enhancing employees’ performance and effectiveness

Career Transition Solutions

In today’s ever changing business environment it is inevitable that, from time to time, organisations need to streamline or restructure their operations and resources strategically. Increasingly, reputable and responsible employers are looking to provide career transition services to their impacted employees. Providing career transition services to employees improves the reputation of your company as an employer that cares about its people. Gemini can provide support in both outplacement and redeployment of employees.

Responsible employers recognise the value of outplacement support in order to take care of their employees post-employment. It helps soften the blow, gets them into new employment more quickly and improves the reputation of your company. From individuals to complex multi-site downsizing, our tailor made, people-centric outplacement programmes provide employees with the reassurance and tools they need during a transition.

With business across industries being globally transformed by AI and digitisation, many of the jobs existing today will need to be replaced or recrafted. On top of that, 60% of the jobs the next generation’s workforce will perform don’t even exist today. Companies are facing skills gaps and are taking immediate actions to fast-track the upskilling and reskilling of the workforce, enabling them to be redeployed. Redeployment not only keeps a company workforce agile, reduces turnover rates and redundancy costs, it also presents an opportunity to retain valuable employees by maximising their potential in a new position. When facing an high impact organisational transformation, such as workforce digitisation, office relocation, mergers or acquisitions, or collective redundancy, Gemini can support in designing and managing redeployment programmes.

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