How to attract Millenials?

How to attract Millenials? by Gemini Personnel 19th Sep, 2019
How to attract Millenials?

This week a deep dive into Millennials and their career ambition. Millennials have now all grown up, graduated from university, and started their careers. In fact, Millennials, people born between 1980 and the mid-90s, are currently the largest generation in the workforce – comprising 35% of all employees. By 2030, those numbers will more than have doubled, to 75%.

Millennials have different expectations for their careers than their Gen X or Baby Boomer predecessors. They have different beliefs on how a workplace should function and use different values to determine what positions they might accept.

While a lot of Millennials are still at the start of their careers, some have already moved into management or senior roles. This means they are having decision-making power in the workplace.

In order to successfully recruit Millennials for an organisation, it is crucial to create an environment that accommodates their unique needs and preferences, not only at entry-level roles but also when it comes to managerial positions. Here are a few things to keep in mind about Millennials and how they function in the workplace compared to other generations:

-          Millennials are the least engaged employees in the workplace;
-          Millennials change jobs often;
-          Millennials value flexibility and work-life balance;
-          Millennials care about trust and recognition;
-          Millennials value collaboration and teamwork;
-          Millennials want competitive compensation, but it’s not their priority;
-          Millennials find innovation important.

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