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Have you been offered a new job, but not sure if you should accept it?

There are many reasons why people look for a new job – for career development, a chance to learn new skills, more money or to escape an unhappy workplace. The process of searching, applying and interviewing for a new job can be very long and tiri...

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HR Consulting - 360 Feedback assessments

Gemini HR Consulting has recently completed a project with a client providing 360° Feedback assessments, and we think it’s worth sharing this project with you on our blog this month. A 360° Feedback assessment is a tool that is widely used a...

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Case study: Career Transition support of a senior manager in Singapore

The company Our client is a leading global provider of integrated transportation, storage and distribution solutions for chemicals and other bulk-liquid products, delivered through its three largest operations units: tankers, terminals, and tank c...

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How to attract Millenials?

This week a deep dive into Millennials and their career ambition. Millennials have now all grown up, graduated from university, and started their careers. In fact, Millennials, people born between 1980 and the mid-90s, are currently the largest gen...

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Tips to make yourself more attractive in the Asian job market

Today it is not enough to just have a good educational background when you are looking for your dream job in Asia. Have you ever thought of the skills you need for your dream job? In this competitive job market, you need to have a combination of educ...

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Unexpected factors that affect your chances of getting hired

We put together a list of seemingly trivial details that can affect your chances of getting the job of your dream — and only some are within your control. The time of your interview According to Glassdoor, 10:30 a.m. on a Tuesday is the best time...

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The secrets to staying motivated at work

As much as you want to be the employee of the month, it’s never easy to stay focused at work all the time. Motivation can be hard to achieve even if you love your job, there would always be a couple of times in the month you find your motivation ha...

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It's a match!

According to job search site CareerBuilder, 70% of employers in 2018 screened candidates on social media prior to making a hiring decision, up from 60 percent in 2016 and 11 percent in 2006.  It’s obvious that candidates should learn to use so...

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5 desired skills for future jobs

The workplace of today and the future might look quite different due to technology, the economy, the environment, and politics. The evolving workplace is creating a skills divide. Soon we'll only be as good as the skills we possess. But which skills...

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Questions to unlock your authentic career

Ashley Stahl is an American national security professional turned entrepreneur, speaker and career coach. She coaches Millennials on how to find their purpose, master the job hunt, and eventually transition into entrepreneurship.  A Gallup...

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