Working for Gemini’s temporary division offers you flexibility and diverse working experiences


Gemini’s client will set a budget, based on prevailing market rates, the industry in which the client is based and any other circumstances. Staff will usually be advised of the salary budget before interviews commence.
Gemini’s consultants pride themselves on paying salaries correctly, however, mistakes do happen. If you believe your salary is incorrect, please contact your Consultant by email or phone, and any corrections will be made in the next salary packet, or as soon as practicable.
You will be paid according to the contract of employment. In any case, Gemini will pay within the timeframe specified by the local Labour legislation.
Payslips are sent out immediately after payment.
You can submit any claims for expenses by email or fax, directly to your Consultant, together with a photocopy of relevant receipts after these have been approved and confirmed by the client.
You should submit your authorised timesheet directly to your Consultant at the end of each salary period. This can be done by email or by fax. The completed timesheet must be approved and signed with a company chop by the Client.
Where appropriate, a discussion should be had with your line manager who should agree to the leave request. This can then be formally applied for by emailing your Consultant.
Annual leave is governed by local Labour legislation, or by the contract of employment. Annual leave is accrued pro-rata determined by length of time served.
Upon leaving the employ of the Company, any unused annual leave will be calculated by your Consultant, and will be paid to you by cheque within 1 week of your last day of work.
Sick leave will be calculated by your Consultant in accordance with local Labour legislation.
You will get your last salary payment within 7 days of your last day of work.
Your consultant will prepare a Reference Letter, and send it to you by post after your last day of work.

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Gemini Personnel

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