Senior Technical Support Engineer/ Application Engineer

by Tiana Liu in Engineering
RMB 18k - RMB 25k


Job Summary: • A BluX Engineer is a multidisciplinary engineer with optimization and hydraulic modeling skills and a passion for using data to improve urban watershed environmental and societal impact. • This position is focused on the development and implementation of algorithms and analytics for operational optimization of wastewater collection systems, drinking water distribution and transmission systems, and treatment systems, as well as the interactions between these systems through the use of real time data, hydraulic modelling, machine learning and advanced control systems. • This position will be primarily focused on optimizing wastewater networks and treatment systems.



• Solve complicated, open-ended water resources problems by applying optimization techniques and innovative data analytics over sensor data and hydraulic models. 

• Facilitate integration of digital solutions across water sectors, including, but not limited to, coupled analysis, problem solving, and decision making across storm-water, wastewater and especially treatment systems.

• Communicate and collaborate with teams of water resource engineers and decision makers to define problems, strategize solution approaches, and bring solutions to implementation. • Develop and manage large datasets. Communicate summaries and conclusions drawn from data in clear and concise ways, visually and verbally.  • Translate data analytics into language understood by water resource engineers and data analysts, both in the practitioner and research space.  • Sales support through the creation of sample applications, technical documentation and support for customer appointments



• Bachelor’s Degree (in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering), preference given to those with Master’s or PhD degrees. 

• Minimum of 2 years of experience in Hydraulic modelling with software from Innovyze, Deltares, US-EPA, ITWH, tandler, or DHI.

• Experience on implementation of Real-Time Decision Support Systems for water utilities.

• Previous experience programming in software languages such as Python, R, C++, Matlab, etc.

• Technical handling of modelling and optimization projects using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms;

• Previous experience developing advanced geospatial information system (GIS) data analysis, using tools such as ESRI’s Arc GIS and ArcPy or QGIS’s programming interface. 

• Good written in English and communication skill in English 

Tiana Liu

Tiana Liu

For more information about this job opportunity please contact our consultant.

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