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Our client is full-service digital agency that helps brands build their digital profile in the China market, they are currently looking for a Content Director in Shanghai As a Content Director, you are accountable for supporting the creative team in terms of management and deliverables for clients across our brand portfolio to the highest quality. You will develop strategic solutions that meet or exceed the client’s expectations in above-the-line and below-the-line deliverables and to provide brand guidance for the creative team. 作为内容总监,您有责任在管理和交付方面为创意团队提供支持,为我们品牌组合中的客户提供最高质量的服务。你 将在线上和线下交付物中开发满足或超过客户期望的战略解决方案,并为创意团队提供品牌指导。


i. Executing copy in long and short form and headlines for local and global brands. Participate in and implement the creative, advertising content, planning and other copywriting work of strategy department; 
为本地和全球品牌执行长、短格式和标题. 参与并执行策略部门的创意、广告语,策划等文案工作.

ii. Produce Creative work of quality and in volume for Print, Digital, TV & Content. 
为印刷、数码、电视 和内容制作高质量、大批量的创意作品.

iii. Responsible for social media marketing, copy planning of weibo, WeChat, little red book and other social media marketing websites; 

iv. Assist in the formulation and implementation of online operation strategy and brand promotion of various new media; 
v. Be proactive in resolving any issues that come up, escalating as appropriate for support; 积极主动

vi. Develop team and individual goals that are aligned with the departmental goals; 

vii. Assist the Art Director in ensuring that creative executions within the team are aligned with the
overall brand strategies; 

viii. Provide sound copywriting advice and support to team members/stakeholders, demonstrating sound judgement drawing on technical and professional experiences;

ix. Manage the quality of copywriting deliverables, ensuring they are technically and creatively
superior in line with worldwide standards and client expectations; 
管理文案交付物的质量,确保他们在 技术上和创意上符合世界标准和客户期望

x. Reviewing, meeting and selecting new writers to be part of our talent pool; 
审查、会见和挑选新作 家,成为我们人才库的一部分

xi. Leading more conceptual or strategic writing workstreams; 


i. Bachelor degree or above, major in advertising and Chinese, with solid writing skills, strong expression and appeal; 

ii. 需要有一定的文案功底,至少 5 年的快速消费品和代理相关工作经验; Need to have a certain copywritingskill, at least 5 years of relevant experience in FMCG and agencies

iii. 一定的品牌认知与经验,对于品牌策略项目进行有效的思考和执行,保障项目的顺利进行; Certain brand awareness and experience, effective thinking and implementation of brand strategy project, to ensure the smooth progress of the project

iv. 有 4A 广告公司从业经验的优先;Working experience in 4A advertising company is preferred;

v. 熟悉多重内容形式,例:微信素材号文案、KOL 发文、软文,新闻稿件、论坛贴、事件活动等; Be familiar with multiple content forms, such as WeChat content, KOL articles, soft articles, news articles, forum posts, event activities, etc.;

vi. 具备创意能力和表达能力,以及较强的 团队合作精神,高度的责任心以及协调能力 ; Creative ability and expression ability, as well as a strong team spirit, a high sense of responsibility and coordination ability;

vii. 8. Chinese Native, good written and verbal English communication skill; 汉语母语,良好的书面和口 头 英语沟通能;

i. Being professional and capable of independently and professionally working on projects and client needs as part of a team and individually as required; 作为团队的一员,能够独立、专业地处理项目和客 户需求,并能根据需要独立完成工作;

ii. Commercial astuteness, self-motivation, maturity, able to work proactively and solve problems; 商 业头脑敏锐,自我激励,成熟,能主动工作,解决问题;

iii. Work and act resourcefully with a “can-do” results orientated attitude to challenges and problem solving; 以“能做”的结果导向的态度面对挑战和解决问题,工作和行动足智多谋;

iv. Have the ambition and desire to grow with the role; 有志向和渴望随角色成长;

Ricky Tao

Ricky Tao

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