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Project Manager (e-Commerce Logistics experience)

by Priscilla Cheng in Logistics    23rd Feb, 2021    HKD 43k - HKD 49k

Our client, an international courier & logistics company is looking for a Project Manager to explain the eCommerce logistics business.

  • Responsible for the overall goals and work indicators of the project team, control the entire process from project establishment, implementation to acceptance, and report the latest work to the management regularly
  • Develop project requirements, development progress reports, acceptance reports, operation manuals, license management specifications and other related documents, data collection and summary work
  • Plan logistics services work and provide related operation mode and customs clearance information
  • Communication and discussion of product development requirements, determine project iteration schedules according to product requirements, and formulate plans
  • Participate in the development planning and process design of the company APP, website, online platform, etc. and put forward professional opinions
  • Focus on related industries, collect industry project information, grasp industry procurement policy trends, and propose industry expansion plans
  • Cooperate with business and operation teams to summarize customer feedback
  • Able to complete independent project development
  • Understanding of e-Commerce, online advertising, can provide customers with suggestions, amd improve sales and conversion rate on a technical level

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