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Mobility On-site Consultant

by Celia Xi in Property & Construction    21st Jul, 2020    Negotiable

Location: Hangzhou Xixi main campus 杭州西溪园区 Reports To: Client Services Manager Summary Commencing on a date to be mutually agreed upon by the Client and us, we shall place one of its employees on-site at the Client’s location in Hangzhou Xixi main campus to assist the Client in relocating its employees (“On-site Employee”). The scope of the On-site Employee’s responsibilities will be to provide daily GMS support and coordination, to answer ad hoc questions from HRG based on GMS policy, and to be an emergency backup to initiate immigration service if needed. The on-site employees have the authority to authorize Client files to us as described above. Client acknowledges that the on-site employees will process requests for immigration services to be provided by us, its subsidiaries, affiliates and other subcontractors to provide services to Client employees.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.


Mobility Service Support & Coordination

o   Station in Alibaba Hangzhou Xixi main campus on daily basis

o   Answer ad hoc questions from HRG based on GMS policy, provide basic counseling to Alibaba assignee per country specific

o   Coordinate requests and exceptions for Alibaba approval if needed

o   Coordinate signing of documents (e.g. immigration, exception) that is required by Alibaba GMS process

o   Send initiation on behalf of Alibaba and initiate Alibaba assigned relocation vendors for if needed

o   Generate reporting when required by client

Ø  Administration

o   Coordinate between Alibaba and us for any concern

o   Document filing

Ø  Ad Hoc Task – Willing to work on different tasks assigned by Company when required, e.g. market research for different or remote locations or other as needed reporting.

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