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by Tiana Liu in Engineering cn

Senior Technical Support Engineer/ Application Engineer

Job Summary: • A BluX Engineer is a multidisciplinary engineer with optimization and hydraulic modeling skills and a passion for using data to improve urban watershed environmental and societal impact. • This position is focused on the development and implementation of algorithms and analytics for operational optimization of wastewater collection systems, drinking water distribution and transmission systems, and treatment systems, as well as the interactions between these systems through the use of real time data, hydraulic modelling, machine learning and advanced control systems. • This position will be primarily focused on optimizing wastewater networks and treatment systems.

RMB 18k - RMB 25k
17th May, 2021
by Joey Chen in Engineering cn

Technical Manager

Our client is looking for an Engineering Manager in Guangzhou

30th Apr, 2021
Gemini Personnel

Gemini Personnel

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