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Origination Trader

by Jerry Xing in Banking & Financial Services    2nd Apr, 2020    Negotiable

This role will drive business origination for TCM focused in China. TCM’s Originator will be responsible for generating revenue to drive the group’s growth initiatives by developing new business opportunities with corporates in the region as well as with COMPANY’s Business Groups. This role will also support the growth initiatives by working with existing team in generating new business opportunities as well as solidifying existing relationships with corporates in the region as well as COMPANY’s Business Groups. TCM’s Originator must possess strong corporate finance skills and experience, have the ability to understand customer’s needs and provide them with financial solutions that fit those needs.

65% Develop new customer relationships leading to additional revenue generation. Innovation of new products/structures.


·         Work with existing team in developing and maintaining new customers – growing business with new and existing customers in the region to achieve revenue objectives.

·         Development of new and innovative financial solutions which are typically complex in nature.  Negotiate and finalize financing structure and terms and conditions terms with customers.

·         Develop and work on financial modeling in particular with Project Finance structures 

·         Prospecting, market and industry research leading to profitable growth opportunities, collaboration with functional and trading teams. 

·         Identifies inherent risks and develops risk mitigation strategies.


25% Going deeper and nurturing existing relationships – solidify current base. Work with Cargill Business Groups, including BG Sales Teams, as well as external customers. 


10%  Different projects as needed.


by Jerry Xing in Banking & Financial Services    18th Mar, 2020    Negotiable

To actively participate in exploring commercial opportunities alongside China origination team and Global RIG team. The individual must have the ability to understand the needs and wants of our customers and provide them with financial solutions which deliver value to COMPANY and the customers. Expected to work closely with Legal, Tax, Transaction Management, Risk, COMPANY Business Units as well as other Trade&Capital Markets regions to deliver the financial solutions for our current and future commercial relationships and as such a successful candidate should have a mixture of Legal/Tax/Financial expertise and ability to apply it to commercial relationships and with commercial mindset. The Structurer should have a deep understanding of the assigned market, and the corresponding business risks.

1.       Structure products based on current and potential market opportunities

This is an important part of the role which involves innovation as well.  Structurers are expected to come up with new product ideas or modifications to existing products as and when they see that such innovations would allow to generate new business/gain competitive advantage, offer better value proposition and thus increase the returns for TCM.


2.       Lead and review documentations on on-going and new transactions

Structurers in TCM are responsible for creating the documentation templates that would allow to implement the newly created ideas or implement existing products in new geo-markets.  In addition structurers need to maintain existing documentation under existing products in good shape and order by periodic reviews and implementation of all lessons learned out of their own or other geo-markets/implementation of best practices into the documentation.


3.       Lead the review and approval process for implementation of TCM structured products

In addition to creating/maintaining documentation at structuring level, TCM requires periodic reviews of existing structures/documentation by functional experts as well as review of all newly created structures by functional experts within and outside TCM.  Structurers lead such a review process to ensure its timely completion and address all the comments raised by such functional experts.


4.       Customer facing with banks, corporates and  Business Units

Structurer shall also be meeting clients and  business units as and when required and the role of such meeting would be to gain new business together with Origination or assist in discussion of complex financing solutions offered to TCM customers or adapting existing solution to the customers’ needs/limitations etc.

Options Trader(Commodity)

by Jerry Xing in Banking & Financial Services    18th Mar, 2020    Negotiable

works with customers in the global trading, distribution and processing of raw materials and steel products. These products include: iron ore, billets, hot rolled, cold rolled, coated products, wire-rods, bars and sections. From its offices worldwide, it serves miners, mills, processors and end users. The steel industry is going through a period of disruptive change. Ever increasing complexity, global overcapacity in steel, the commodity super cycle, extreme volatility in both raw material and steel prices are just some of the challenges reshaping the industry and creating opportunities for CMS to play a major role in the industry’s evolution. CMS strategy is focused on the needs and interests of our strategic customers in China. We have a strong conviction that there is a lot of unmonetized value within the China Steel Industry and we believe that we can help our customers to unlock this value by partnering with us to create tailored solutions to help them succeed.

60% Convexity Book Management
o Lead the management of proprietary trading convexity book and client facing market making books..
o Understand convexity book management from proprietary trading prospective. This includes conducting independent research on volatility trading and market composition, forming proprietary trading strategies, executing these strategies in the market or with clients at best rate, and forming insights.
o Understand client facing convexity book management from market making prospective. This includes understanding risks from physical embedded options, capacity to structure deals with instructions from sales, managing the risk in either open market or internal proprietary trading books, and forming insights from client flows for proprietary trading prospective.
o Proactively work with physical merchandising teams in structuring embedded trades, and forming proprietary trading strategies.
o Trade execution for both prop book and market making book.
o Insight collection from volatility trading (market dynamics) and client flow. This requires interaction with market participants, including but not limited to brokers, traders, and research institutes.
o Support other trading books in managing convexity risk exposure and seeking best execution, and support overall BU trading book in optimizing trading position. This includes employing options and embedded options to improve leverage ratio, to reduce overall working capital, to increase funding efficiency, and/or to lower overall BU risk.
o Provide diversified revenue sources to overall trading business. This includes generating independent research from volatility trading prospective and diversified trading strategies besides linear hedging strategy on physical/future trading.
o Manage OTC trading activities, includes margining, credit exposure, and new trading counterparties onboarding. This will require internal collaboration with credit, finance, legal, and TA
o Demonstrate capability in proprietary trading - risk/position management, strategy construction, flawless execution

10% Customer solution structuring and pitching
o Design and structure solutions for customers.
o Design hedging plan for each specific type of solution.
o Facilitate the pitching of solutions to customers
o With help, structure solutions as needed by sales team

10% Customer Communication
o Assist senior sales in educating markets about how to hedge their risk thru using non-linear product.
o Collect relevant middle term to long term insights of both traders and producers and understand the trend of the market
o Engage with market participants and generate insights re- trading trends, NFA, and exchange policies.

20% Active contribution to product line and BU project or business initiatives
o Collaborate with support functions to improve internal systems. This includes trades executing system, trades booking system, and internal trades reconciliation process.
o Proactively work with IT and other teams to initiate listed option trading activities from ground up. This includes constructing trading platform, understanding exchange policies, and managing risks alongside with existing trading books.

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