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4th Quarter Newsletter 2018



Hong Kong - China - Singapore - Thailand 

Hong Kong


Key strategies for improving employee retention




Rising minimum wage in China






5 industries of the future for Singapore





Kingdom's competitiveness on the rise




Rising minimum wage in China

Beijing’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced that the city has increased its minimum wage, effective 1 September 2018.


Beijing has increased the monthly minimum wage from RMB 2,000 (US$ 300.57) to RMB 2,120 (US$ 318.60), and the hourly minimum wage from RMB 22 (US$ 3.31) to RMB 24 (US$ 3.61).

The wage hike of RMB 120 (US$ 18.03) per month is similar to last year’s increase, when the city raised minimum wages by RMB 110 (US$ 16.53) per month.


Given the cost of living in Beijing and the nature of its economy, most workers in the city are paid according to market rates rather than minimum wages.

Beijing is increasingly becoming a post-industrial economy, with services constituting over 80 percent of its GDP in 2017.


After the minimum wage adjustment went into force, Beijing now has the third highest minimum wage in the country. Currently, Shanghai holds the highest minimum wage rate, at RMB 2,420 (US$ 363.69) per month, followed by Shenzhen, at RMB 2,200 (US$ 330.63) per month. Both cities increased their minimum wage in 2018. Besides having the highest minimum wages, Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen also have the highest average wages in China.


Last year, the Chinese career platform Zhaopin reported that Beijing had an average monthly salary of RMB 9,942 (US$ 1,494.13) – the highest in China – followed by Shanghai at RMB 9,802 (US$ 1,473.09) and Shenzhen at RMB 8,892 (US$ 1,336.33).


In addition to Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, other regions that have increased their minimum wages this year include: Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Shandong, Sichuan, Tibet, Yunnan, and Xinjiang.


Source: China Daily


Updated Individual Income Tax (ITT) law


As the cost of living in China has rapidly increased over the last years the government has decided to implement a new ITT law, aimed at lowering the tax burden for low-income earners. At the same time, both foreign workers and high-income earners might be negatively impacted due to the newly introduced definitions of “resident” and “non-resident”. Individuals who have resided in Mainland China for 183 days or more within a calendar year are considered China tax residents and therefore subject to ITT on their worldwide income.


Under the new ITT law the standard deduction will be raised to RMB 60,000 a year, applicable to both resident and non-resident tax payers.



Furthermore, the new law provides a new category of ‘special additional deductions’, meaning resident tax payers will be able to deduct education expenses for children, expenses for further self-education, healthcare costs for serious illness, housing loan interest, housing rent and support for elderly from their comprehensive income.


Next to that, donations not exceeding 30% of income to charitable causes can now be deducted from taxable income.


As aforementioned, low-income earners will especially benefit from the new ITT law with lower tax brackets being widened from 3% ITT on RMB <1,500 to RMB <3,000; 10% ITT on RMB 1,500-4,500 to RMB 3,000-12,000; and 20% ITT on RMB 4,500-9,000 to RMB 12,000-25,000.



Top 5 Candidates in China


APAC Regional Leader (Medical Devices)


Nationality: Chinese                           Availability: One month's notice

Based: Shanghai, China

Languages: Mandarin and fluent English


- 17 years working experience (including 11 in BD and Sales and Marketing management with MNC in medical industry)

- Business Development and Strategic Marketing professional for over eight years with duties covering both China and Asia Pacific markets in international companies

- Experience and capabilities in business and deal opportunity research and screening

- Corporate strategic planning, market sizing analysis and product sales forecast, manufacturing facility quality review, financial valuation, deal structuring and project execution

- Clear logical, strategic and critical thinking ability with good business acumen with professional presentation and communication skills


For more information about this candidate, please contact


HR Director (Gaming)


Nationality: Chinese                      Availability: One month's notice

Based: Guangzhou, China

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), fluent English and French


-More than 10 years’ experience in HR Management, four years' experience in Gaming industry

- Strong experience in talent acquisition, performance management, compensation and rewards, talent management, and employee relations

-Recognized as a self-motivated, organized and detail oriented team player, as well as a compelling leader


For more information about this candidate, please contact


Head of Legal and Compliance (Banking and Financial)


Nationality: Taiwanese                     Availability: One month's notice

Based: Taiwan, Hong Kong, China

Languages: Native Mandarin and fluent English


- 22 years of experience in legal, compliance and AML field, excellent practice in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai and other APAC regions

- Rich working connections in the banking and financial industry

- International legal advice consulting


For more information about this candidate, please contact


Head of e-Commerce (FMCG)


Nationality: Taiwanese                       Availability: One month's notice

Based: Shanghai

Languages: Mandarin and English


- More than 10 years of project management experience in CRM implementation and enhancement, database marketing strategies, website architecture design, and system solutions consulting

- Established brand marketing strategy, and chaired cross-border e-Commerce project with U.S., European, Latin American, and Australian branch offices

- Organized website structure, business model and marketing campaign including social media marketing, SEO, and SEM


For more information about this candidate, please contact


Senior Consultant/Interim Manager (Manufacturing)


Nationality: Taiwanese                           Availability: One month's notice

Based: Shanghai

Languages: Mandarin and English


- Setup quality system and trained factory employees for a garden lamps manufacturer, resulted in no customer complaints

- Setup up problem-solving systems allowing end-user requirements to properly channel to programmers, thereby saved time in APP development

- Identified suppliers of Chinese CRRC metro train handles, for an India coach assembly factory

- Led team to attend convention in the U.S., for a client in the conformity assessment industry, in order to promote inspection services and to develop businesses

- Re-organized the technical team and sales team for the client’s Shenzhen branch office


For more information about this candidate, please contact

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