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1st Quarter Newsletter 2019


Hong Kong - China - Singapore - Thailand 


Hong Kong


Hong Kong and the Global Economic Outlook 2019



Shenzhen the no. 1 city for business in China




Singapore's Top 5 talent trends for 2019





Thai labour force in need of new skills 




Talent shortages and disruptive technologies require new skills of the Thai workforce

Mr Tanit, vice-chairman of the National Labour Development Advisory Council, part of the Labour Ministry, and vice-chairman of the Employers' Confederation of Thai Trade and Industry, has warned employers for talent shortages in 2019. The labour shortage is not only due to a low birth rate and an climbing aging population, but many skilled workers are also mismatched for the demand of employers. These talent shortages pose a big threat to the Kingdom's development.


There are roughly 400,000 positions that need to be filled, but few people can match companies' needs. Thailand needs vocational-level workers more than university-degree ones because the government is positioning the country as the industrial and manufacturing hub of Southeast Asia, so vocational jobbers 

are needed to serve the market. Meanwhile, many vocational institutes produce a low rate of new workers to serve the labour market, only 10,000 employees per year.


Therefore, the government introduced the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), promoting twelve targeted industries: new-generation automobiles; smart electronics; affluent, medical and wellness tourism; agriculture and biotechnology; food; robotics for industry; logistics and aviation; biofuels 

and biochemicals; digital; medical services; defence; and education.


Industries such as Banking & Finance, Retail and Media will see the need for workers in the near future gradually decline as disruptive technologies replace manual labour.


Source: Bangkok Post

How to find and attract the best candidates?

In a candidate-driven market like Thailand, how do employers attract the best candidates to help them succeed? When demand outstrips supply how do you future-proof yourself in a rapidly changing, and uncertain future, win the talent war and retain star employees?


There are a few simple factors which a company must take care of before even starting the search, and running an audit on these issues can help placing the company in the best possible situation to succeed:


  • Firstly, offer as much compensation as you feel your budget can allow. Penny pinching, and saving a relatively small amount in the initial phases of attracting a candidate will lead to the best candidates not even considering your company, and may not even read the job advert. This may end up costing you far more in the long run.
  • Secondly, in such a competitive market, candidates are looking more and more at the benefits which a company offers. Annual leave policy, flexible working, bonuses, medical leave policy are all factors which candidates are increasingly looking at. All levels of staff wish to continually learn and grow professionally. Consider what development opportunities you can offer. Do some competitor research. Are you a leader in your industry, or are you lagging behind the competition?
  • Have a look at the organisation culture. Obviously much depends on the industry, but when candidates look at your website, do you present yourself in the best light? Do your staff members look like they’re enjoying themselves, or even do they care about the company. You want to attract committed staff who can buy into the company’s values, and increasingly want to be part of the company’s growth story.



If speed is of the essence, consider using temporary staff as a solution.

Temps can provide a useful cover for the peaks and troughs of your business cycle so that you do not have to affect your core staff during down times. This also gives you the option of ‘try before you buy’. Specialist companies will do the recruiting and screening for you, saving your staff immense amounts of time as they provide testing, take references etc for a nominal fee. By the time your HR department meets with the selected candidates, other than a face-to-face interview, the remaining work has been completed for them.


Looking for support on Employer Branding or interested in using Temporary staff in your organisation? Contact for more information.

Top 5 Candidates in Thailand

Integrated Supply Chain Director (Asia Pacific)


Nationality: Thai                     Availability: 30 days' notice

Based: Eastern Area or Bangkok

Languages: Native Thai, Good English, Fair command of Japanese and Chinese

Experience: 20 years of experience in end-to-end Supply chains and Logistics Management


- Ph.D. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

- Master’s Degree in M.B.S.,Master of Science in Logistic and Supply Chain Management

- Master’s Degree in Business Administration

- Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Management, Business Administration

HR & Admin Manager (Operations & Consultancy)


Nationality: Thai                     Availability: 30 days' notice

Based: Eastern Area or Bangkok

Languages: Native Thai, Good English

Experience: 16 years in Manufacturing, strong in Labour Law and Organisation Management


Bachelor’s in Marketing Management and Labour Law and Organization Management Institute of Legal Education The Thai Bar Under The Royal Patronage


Production Manager


Nationality: Thai                     Availability: 30 days' notice

Based: Eastern Area or Bangkok

Languages: Native Thai, Good English

Experience: 22 years’ experience in Chemical industry with more than 10 years at managerial level


- Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering

Production Development Engineer


Nationality: Thai                    Availability: 30 days' notice

Based: Eastern Area or Bangkok

Languages: Native Thai, Good English

Experience: 12 years' experience in Automotive manufacturing, focusing on new model and product development


- Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Department of Electrical engineering

Key Account Sales Manager (SEA)


Nationality: Thai                   Availability: 30 days' notice

Based: Bangkok

Languages: Native Thai, Good English

Experience: 12 years' experience in the Chemical & Printing Products industries


- Master’s degree of International Business, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

- Bachelor’s degree of Arts, Major in English, Bangkok University


For more information about these candidates, please contact

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