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1st Quarter Newsletter 2019


Hong Kong - China - Singapore - Thailand 


Hong Kong


Hong Kong and the Global Economic Outlook 2019



Shenzhen the no. 1 city for business in China




Singapore's Top 5 talent trends for 2019





Thai labour force in need of new skills




Top 5 talent trends for 2019 in Singapore


1) Social media in the employment landscape

There is heightened activity on social media from both employers and candidates in a bid to enhance employer branding and personal branding. Employers have been realising the benefits of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook to showcase their employer value propositions as an integral part to their efforts to attract talents in the market. Candidates are also getting creative in the ways they market themselves through the use of multimedia and moving away from traditional CVs to catch the eye of prospective employers.


2) Flexible hours

Companies are progressively conscious of the importance candidates place on flexible working hours as a key benefit. Many are taking full advantage of technologies that enable flexible hours or work-from-home schemes to attract new joiners and retain existing employees.


3) Digital skills in demand

In line with the Singapore government’s efforts to transform the country into a ‘Smart Nation’, companies are keeping up with the latest digital developments. Digital competence has therefore been cited as one of the top prerequisites for employers when hiring talent. Candidates with digital know-how and who are able to display a willingness to learn emerging technologies in this ever-changing landscape will continue to be highly in demand by businesses in 2019 and beyond.


4) Mobile-friendly job portals

In line with changing user behaviour, and to enhance the experience of potential job candidates, talent acquisition and recruitment teams have been ramping up their efforts in creating mobile-friendly job portals where job-seekers are able to easily apply for jobs on-the-go. 2019 will see a rise in such functionalities to facilitate mobile job applications.


5) Temporary and contract work

Temporary and contract work in Singapore has gained a lot of prominence in recent years, and 2019 will see a continuation of this trend. Employers are better appreciating the benefits of having temporary and contract workers, such as the reduced long-term labour costs and shorter hiring processes. Candidates, particularly millennials, are also more open than ever to take on non-permanent roles, provided that the benefits are attractive enough.



Forecasted growth in Singapore hiring activity

Hiring in Singapore is likely to see stable and modest growth in 2019, and job movers can expect salary increments of four percent in 2019.

IT specialists in niche areas of specialisation, and local talent will continue to be in demand, while an increasing trend of businesses showing interest for “glocal” talent, or local talent with international experience.  


Top jobs in Singapore in 2019 will be analytical and data-driven in nature. As organisations advance their digital transformations, tech giants expand and enter the local market and tech start-ups grow, the demand for IT professionals will increase. Specialists with skills and experience in analytics, applications, data science, the Internet of Things and cybersecurity will be in high demand. HR professionals with strong experience in HR technologies will also be of interest.


Hiring immediately available candidates remains challenging, even as the contracting market in Singapore has matured in recent years. Expect to see an increase in demand for contract professionals with niche skillsets in IT, Accounting & Finance. 


Source: Straits Times

Top 5 Candidates in Singapore

Vice President (Manufacturing)


Nationality: British                      Availability: Immediately

Based: Dubai

Languages: English


- A global CEO with a substantial track record of delivering robust growth and

shareholder value, resulting in successful exits for Private Equity funded businesses   

- Previous positions in PE, Private Limited companies, UK PLC and NYSE Listed organisations across multi-sectors including Oil and Gas services - both upstream and downstream

- A true leader with a customer-centric focus enabling sustainability and continuity across multiple regions and cultures

Regional Director (Banking & Finance)


Nationality: Indian                     Availability: Immediately

Based: Australia

Languages: English, Hindi


- Extensive experience in Consumer Banking roles

- Acts a the responsible person for country/regional management

- Well-versed in Distribution, Sales, Strategy, Marketing, and Customer Service Quality

General Manager (Retail)


Nationality: Hong Kong              Availability: Immediately

Based: Singapore

Languages: Mandarin, English and Cantonese


- More than 30 years of professional expertise in product development, quality

assurance, technical design, and product compliance

- Industrial engineer and ethical & social compliance knowledge in apparel industry

- Extensive knowledge on the full operational cycle, from sourcing to supply chain management

Senior Account Manager (Media)


Nationality: Singaporean           Availability: Immediately    

Based: Singapore

Languages: English, Mandarin, Malay, German, and Bahasa Indonesia


- A sales management professional with 11 years' experience in the media


- Effectively sold and led teams in the solution-selling advertising via Free-

to-air Television (Community, News and Entertainment channels), Radio,          Print, Publications, OOH, Celeb engagement and Digital platforms


Technical Director (FinTech)


Nationality: Singaporean           Availability: Immediately

Based: Singapore

Languages: English and Mandarin


- Highly accomplished project and operational leader with extensive success across the Blockchain and Fintech industry

- Expertise extends through all business segments including sales, business strategy development, marketing, statistical analysis, project management and vendor management

- Worked effectively with project stakeholders to build effective roadmaps and quality control plans

- Demonstrated ability for improving processes, productivity, and quality as projects evolve.



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