Site Leader

by Jerry Xing in Oil & Gas    2nd Apr, 2020       Zhoushan

Site Leader


作为现场领导,负责管理 作为现场领导,负责管理 和货物安全 ,协调生产、运营质量和人员管理 ,协调生产、运营质量和人员管理 ,协调生产、运营质量和人员管理 ,协调生产、运营质量和人员管理 ,协调生产、运营质量和人员管理 ;负责现场相关事宜的内部及外沟通 ;负责与内部跨门、外供应商和主要利益相关者的协作 合。 As Site leader, in charge of onsite management and coordination production, operations, quality people As Site leader, in charge of onsite management and coordination production, operations, quality people management; leading in internal communication and external for site related matters; responsible for collaboration and cooperation with internal cross function, external vendor and suppliers and key stakeholders.


1. 监督执行安全管理制度,严格执行公司的安全管理体系,确保压榨代加工项目各项工作的安全运行,实现零事故的目标。


Play a supervisory role in implementing tollingprojectsafety regulations ,Strictly implement the company's safety management systemand ensurethe safe operation of the tollingproject; To achieve the goal of zero accident.

2. 负责对员工进行安全培训,并确保他们按照公司的安全规定进行操作,同时要求监督管理项目的供应商及劳务外包人员也遵守我们的安全规定。及时组织人员处理压榨代加工项目运行中出现的安全事故


Responsible for the safety training of employees and ensuring that they are operating in accordance with the company's safety regulations. Deal with the accident problems timely;

3. 根据公司的代加工项目计划,负责与中海及公司内部各业务部门进行沟通协调,并监督实施。


Responsible for communicating and coordinating with CSCL and internal business departments according to the company's OEM project plan, and supervising the implementation

4. 负责从大豆的入库到豆粕的出库整个生产运输过程的监管,产品出入库的管理,库存物资数据的准确性。


Responsible for the supervision of the whole production and transportation process from soybean warehousing to soybean meal outbound, the management of product inbound and outbound, and the accuracy of inventory data.

5. 按照公司对产品质量的要求,对产品的品质把控,使产品符合公司的压榨、质量指标,有效控制投诉率。


Control the quality of products according to the company's requirements on product quality .To make the product in line with the company's press, quality indicators and reduce complaints.

6. 人员管理,负责对代加工项目中我方人员进行管理,工作安排与协调,以及目标的设定及绩效考核等。


Personnel management, responsible for the management, work arrangement and coordination of our personnel in the OEM project, as well as the setting of goals and performance appraisal.

7. 按照公司的行为准则,与乙方等进行沟通,同时与公司内部相关业务部门进行有效沟通。


Communicate with party b in accordance with COMPANY's group code of conduct, and effectively communicate with relevant business departments within the company.

8. 管理与外包劳务供应商、供应商等的关系。

Managing relationships with outsourced labor vendors, suppliers, etc


Establish and maintain good relationshipwith the government and important clients.





Diplomadegree or above inProduction& SafetyManagement,Business Management, Strategic Management, Market Development Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, etc.



At least ten years’ work experience in related industry, over five years’ experience in enterprise operation management. More than five years’ experience in foreign-invested companies or renowned domestic companies is preferred.

1. 富有团队意识,团队组织能力强,具有较强的沟通能力

Be rich in team work spirits and team organization;Strong communication skills.

2. 行事稳健,具有强烈的创新意识和开拓精神

Be steady and be motivatedby innovation and entrepreneurship;

3. 具备极强的敬业精神和丰富的管理经验

Be strongly accountable and rich management skills;

4. 具备出色的领导管理才能和先进的管理理念,熟悉现代企业管理制度和模式

Possess outstanding leadership skills and advance management concept, and know well in modern enterprise management system and mode;

5. 在生产和安全运作管理方面,知识丰富,并且具有丰富的实战经验

Be resourceful in management knowledge ofproductionand safety management;


Keep abreast of the advanced concept of marketing, profit, competition, information, technological innovation, intelligence and service;


Have considerable strategic insight;


Have a moral value and social responsibility as a leader.

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