Senior Machine Learning Scientist (AI Foundation)

by Cullen Wang in Media/Publishing/Printing    2nd Apr, 2020       Beijing, Beijing

Senior Machine Learning Scientist (AI Foundation)




-Set technical and research road map for AI Foundation or even company level machine learning road maps (at principal level) and able to lead its implementation

-The ability to solve hardest issues of AI Foundation team from fundamental algorithm development, implementation and optimization to deliver product metrics

-Lead cross-organizational projects to improve features/models that benefit company OKR

-Set visions for company’s research direction to be industry leading in areas of personalized discovery and related areas

-In this position, you are expected to utilize your industry leading expertise on one or more of following R&D areas to provide cutting edge solutions or core technologies for SmartNews recommendation systems (Ads, News, etc). At principal level, you are required to have overall understanding of corporate AI landscape, and set visions/roadmaps in its directions

-General Machine Learning, Deep Learning

-Natural Language Processing (entity recognition, categorization, text embedding, etc)

-Computer Vision, Image Processing

-Knowledge Graph

-Recommendation, Collaborative Filtering Algorithms

-Be great mentor to other machine learning scientists

-Promote AI first culture and distill AI mindset across engineering teams (principal level)


-8+ years of experience in designing and implementing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, and applying them to real world problems

-Ph.D in computer science, mathematics, physics or other quantitative fields

-Professional codding skills in multiple programming languages (e.g. Java, C++, Python, Scala)

-Industry leading expertise in certain domain of machine learning techniques, especially in deep learning, natural language processing, recommendation systems, computer visions

-Long term track record of successfully deliver improvement of features/models to production systems with high impact by working across teams and organizations

-Influential publications at top industry conferences/journals, well recognized in the industry for the domain of expertise

-Strong mentors of senior machine learning scientists and able to grow them to the next level

-Good written and spoken communication skills, can work across functional teams

Preferred Qualifications:

-Strong interest in news media and our mission

-Strong domain expertise in recommendation algorithms

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Cullen Wang

Cullen Wang

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