Meat Trader

by Jerry Xing in Food and Beverage    2nd Apr, 2020       Shanghai

Meat Trader


Lead defined meat category/animal protein trading to aling with meat import strategy and business growth


65% To set up sales plan based on import meat strategy and develop KA customers and vendor selection, to finish the target of trading and PNL. Set up well aligned business portfolio between production and trading up and downstream partner base. 

20% Understand and improve current process inside corporate working flow with related stakeholders marketing, R&D, QA, production, supply chain, sales, finance etc. to project business plan in continuous plan in product and supply and demand portfolio. 
15% Market intelligence and analysis with market insights, innovative idea, strategic mindset to develop future business growth in short, medium to long term plan.


Minimum Required Qualifications
 Undergraduate degree or above preferred in business and/or food engineer
 More than 5 years working in import/export business buying trading
 Demonstrated business sense and knowledge in international business
 Strong communication skills both internally and externally, team player
 Language: better in English communication and working environment
Preferred Qualifications
 MBA or master graduated preferred
 5-10 years working experience in MNC commercial area with overall knowledge on supply chain, R&D and QA in strategic thinking at global level and hands on ability, willingness in innovation and business opportunity identification
 Demonstrated ability to manage complex internal process and external market environment with risk awareness and management on political, economic factors
 Proven strong negotiation skills
 Language and Skills: 2nd foreign langue, life style/culture fit

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Jerry Xing

Jerry Xing

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