IT Team Head (Chinese)

by Pakhawadee Janyou in Banking & Financial Services    10th Oct, 2019    THB 150k - THB 200k    Bangkok

IT Team Head (Chinese)


Client is a leading company as famous Loan Provider in Thailand.


Full Stack Developer

•                   Develop the data shaping UI for Watson Data Platform Data Refinery by using JavaScript and

•                   React. The UI contains 3 dashboards, data grid, visualizations (charts), and profile. Shaping

•                   operations (e.g. join, sort, filter, etc.) can be invoked from the sliding panel, or from the code editor

•                   field which allows R code from dplyr library to be manually entered by the data scientist/engineer.

•                   Develop the interactive backend for Watson Data Platform Data Refinery by using R, RStudio, and

•                   OpenCPU. R functions are implemented as the backend to perform various shaping operations,

•                   visualize and profile the data, convert source data to R data frame, fetch data rows, map source

•                   column types to appropriate R data types. The frontend can communicate with R function via

•                   REST calls by utilizing OpenCPU.

•                   Use react-virtualized library to implement a high performance data grid which can display millions of record with infinite scrolling capability.

•                   Implement visualizations dashboard which uses machine learning to render a set appropriate charts based on contents of the data.

•                   Port Data Refinery application from cloud application into a standalone desktop (Electron) application in Q4 2018.

•                   Optimize the frontend performance by consolidating REST calls. Improve the backendperformance via server configurations by preloading R packages and making warmup calls.

•                   Create UI deployment package by using NPM and Webpack.

•                   Create R backend deployment package and establish deployment process.


Advisory Software Engineer

•                   Implement new features for Data Connect Shaper UI by using JavaScript, AngularJS, and

•                   Bootstrap. The application allows data preparation and movement service to be performed on the cloud. Data shaping operations are invoked via REST API, and executed on the backend by

Apache Spark engine.

•                   Improve the performance by using AngularJS Batarang profiling tool and adopting open sourcelibraries, e.g. ui-grid and Chart.js.

•                   Develop automated unit tests for the front-end code, by using Karma and Jasmine.

•                   Implement Standardization engine which is used for normalizing data values to standard forms, byusing Java and ANTLR.

•                   Develop automated unit tests and integration tests for Standardization engine, by using JUnit, JMeter, and Mockito.

•                   Mentor for new hires and interns.


Subscription Manager

Development lead for the Common Event Framework (API for Subscription Manager) which allows

several applications in IBM InfoSphere to subscribe to events which are generated by another

application, which will then trigger the subscribed Java or REST API callback functions. The

framework allows products (Data Quality Exception Console, Information Analyzer, Information

Governance Catalog, Business Process Manager, etc.) to work together across the product suite.

Optionally, the subscribed users can be notified by the email notification when the subscribed

event has been triggered. The email’s contents can be customized in HTML template files.

Implement automated unit tests and integrations test in JUnit and Mockito.

Builds are executed nightly by Maven and Jenkins.

Code analysis and test coverage are performed and presented in widgets by SonarQube.

Published and maintained the internal user forum, Javadoc, and design documents.


Advisory Software Engineer

•                   Implement the web application using Apache Flex and ActionScript, which allows the users to

easily create rules to improve the data quality without requiring the knowledge of pattern-based

language. Communicate with the server using RESTful web services.

•                   Implement RESTful web services, Java Servlets, and JSP using Java and J2EE.

•                   Write design document by utilizing UML diagrams and design patterns.

•                   Create Ant script to build the project and package it into J2EE deployment file (EAR).

•                   Provide guidelines, best practices, and consultation to other developers in the team

•                   Act as a lab advocate for external alpha and beta testers and customers.

•                   Presented the knowledge transfer about new features, enhancements, and known issues for QualityStage 9.1 release to the entire department (engineering, sales, and supports teams).

QualityStage Reports Application

•                   Implement J2EE web application QualityStage Reports generator using Java, which is deployed on WebSphere Application Server. The application connects to the data source via JDBC and

sequential file method. The reports can be generated in PDF, HTML, Word, and Excel format.

•                   Maintain and enhance the existing reports generator for multiple releases (8.0, 8.1, 8.5, 8.7, and various minor releases and fix packs)

•                   Ensure report template pages and the report results are displayed correctly in 10 languages that are supported at the suite level (IBM Information Server).


Staff Software Engineer

• Implement a C# library using XML-RPC.NET, which allows ClearCase client inside Visual Studio

2005 to communicate with Java-based ClearCase server over the WAN connection.

• Implement a tool window for Visual Studio 2005, using C#, which allows the user to search for files

and folders, under ClearCase source control, in various CM states (e.g. “checked out”, “hijacked”,

and “view-private”), and using both LAN and WAN network connection.

• Implement test automation scripts using Rational Robot




•                   Languages/API: JavaScript, R, React, Electron, AngularJS, Java, Android SDK, J2EE, C#, SQL,

•                   UML, JSON, XML, CSS/SCSS, JUnit, Mockito, Karma, Jasmine, react virtualized,

•                   Angular UI Grid (ui-grid), OpenCPU

•                   Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android

•                   Development Tools: VS Code, RStudio, Eclipse, Chrome Dev Tool, Bluemix, Android Studio, GitHub,

•                   ZenHub, Node.js, NPM, RTC, WebSphere Liberty Profile

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