Injection Molding Supervisor

by Shirley Wang in Packaging    30th Apr, 2020       Suzhou

Injection Molding Supervisor


Famous foreign company in injection molding industry


• Maintaining, fixing and improving of the molding tool
• 塑胶模具的维修保养,试模,修模,注塑工艺改善
• Process parameter and configuration maintenance and routine check to guarantee the accurate production execution
• 工艺参数及配置的日常维护及检查以确保准确的生产执行
• Support the RFQ process for new projects with calculation like cycle time and dwell time and machine selection,
• 支持新项目的RFQ流程,包括周期和停留时间的计算,以及机器的选择。
• Process troubleshooting and corrective action development to fix problem effectively and timely
• 生产工艺的日常故障诊断及并制定纠正措施及时有效地解决问题
• Process capability monitoring to continuously keep production performance at high level
• 工艺能力的日常监控以持续保持高水平的生产
• Intended to establish or improve the technical assessment and training documents, and complete the corresponding assessment and training
• 建立或完善技术员考核及培训文件,并完成相应的考核及培训。
• Responsible for the process conditions and the continuous improvement of production efficiency, analyze and solve process problems, improve production efficiency and process workshop.
• 负责工艺条件和生产效率的持续改进,分析和解决工艺问题,提高生产效率和车间工艺。Supervise the manufacture and the purchase of moulds and / or components for a project.
• 监督制造和采购整套模具或者部件。
• Responsible for commissioning of new injection moulds and moulds after major work to ensure parts conform to print and function as required.
• 在模具大修后,负责安装调试,确保模具的尺寸符合图纸和功能需求。
• Involve in the new mold design and review. Use software to implement DFM,  tooling construing, design.
• 熟练运用设计软件,进行DFM ,分模,设计.参与新项目模具的设计和评审。
• Lead the assigned new project from kick off to close, well organize the all tasks be realized within budget.
• 领导指定的新项目从开始到结束,在预算内组织好所有的任务
• Other works that the superior appoints
• 上司委派的其他工作


• 8 years Experience in a manufacturing environment, preferably within the plastics industries.
• 有8年注塑行业的生产制造经验。
• Basic computer skills and experience with CAD/Solidworks/Pro-E
• 熟悉Auto CAD/solidworks/Por-E的制图软件
• Good English in reading and writing,computer skills
• 良好的英语读写能力;计算机技能
• At least have 1 year mold design experience
• 至少1年的模具设计经验

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Shirley Wang

Shirley Wang

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