Deputy General Manager

by Claire Feng in FMCG    19th Apr, 2021       China, Shanghai

Deputy General Manager


Originating from a hundred years of skincare family in the 18th century, it has a professional research and development team, skin research institute and production factory. Domestic general agent is responsible for sales and marketing in China, the most important is medical beauty level products, positioning in the high-end.


  • Assist General Manager to formulate company development strategy, understand the market development trend;
  • Responsible for formulating the company's e-commerce marketing strategy, timely understanding and monitoring the implementation of the strategy, and proposing the revision plan;
  • Formulate the company's e-commerce annual marketing indicators, and implement the specific decomposition indicators, responsible for the marketing indicators;
  • Supervised, controlled and evaluated the operation and marketing work according to the performance and market feedback, adjusted the marketing strategies in time, and ensured that the marketing objectives were consistently exceeded expectations;
  • Responsible for coordinating and communicating with various departments of the company;
  • Responsible for the management of the company's team, including but not limited to the arrangement of talent introduction, assessment, team system construction and other aspects.


  • More than 8 years of e-commerce operation experience, including more than 5 years of management experience, beauty category operation experience, e-commerce all-channel team management experience, familiar with the overall operation from product development, sales, customer service;
  • Familiar with the Internet and e-commerce fields, proficient in Taobao, B2C platform, good overall view and business operation logic, rich e-commerce professional knowledge and strategic foresight;
  • Know and understand the domestic and foreign market development of the products;
  • Skilled in e-commerce channel planning and operation planning skills, able to plan e-commerce channels and operation planning according to the company's business strategy and business needs;
  • Excellent drive, good at integrating resources and innovative management ideas, persistent and challenging to goals;
  • Focusing on data and quantification, with experience in managing revenue, profit and budget.

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Claire Feng

Claire Feng

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