cost controlling

by Shirley Wang in Automotive    3rd Apr, 2020       Zhejiang

cost controlling


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1.       Cost monitoring, product cost calculation, accounting and reporting.

2.       Inventory monitoring, process controlling, physical count and flow management.

3.       Tooling, low value articles, gigs and gauges monitoring and controlling.

4.       Accounting booking, voucher checking and process control for tooling, equipment, low value articles, and inventories.

5.       QC contemplation and quotation support, GSC sales program updating and monitoring.

6.       Project costing analysis, key ratio definition and analysis and follow up.

7.       Scrap cost analysis, follow up and cost control measures implementation

8.       PPV, VAVE calculation, monitoring, controlling, reporting and follow up.

9.       Other accounting and controlling projects assigned by superior.



1. Bachelor degree in finance, accounting or economy related area.
2. At least 3 years finance related working experience, costing/inventory management related experience preferred. 
3. Good finance concept and knowledge.
4. Good command of English.
5. Good expertise of computer skills, such as office Excel, PPT, etc. 
6. Good concept of ERP such as QAD, SAP preferred.  

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Shirley Wang

Shirley Wang

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