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1.财务管理体系构建:根据公司全球发展战略规划,制定财务工作规划,明确公司财务系统的核心能力目标,职能、组织架构和阶段工作计划; Construction of financial system: In accordance with the business strategy and plan of company, to clarify the core competencies, functions, organization and executive plan.



Operation management and policy support: By combining with rules of financial and accounting, to make the financial analysis and operation report and give suggestions for management decisions.


Internal management: To assist to build up the global management system which include financial authorizing, risk, deal ,inspection and to keep the systems up and operational.


Fund allocation and supervision: To develop the standardized allocation system , balancing funds cost and collection. Identify, develop, and evaluate financing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and budget factors, to effectively manage projects profitably and within budget, control and forecast operating expenses.



1.财务、会计、金融等相关专业本科及以上学历;bachelor degree or above, major in finance and accounting.

2.10年以上财务工作经验,5年以上部门负责人经验,5年以上大型跨国企业集团财务负责人经验;At least 10-year working experiences in related management positioning of large multinational corporations of investment and financing.


Be familiar with the state and international account rule and relative policy of finance, tax and auditing.


Be familiar with financial rules of listed-company , having related experience with merger and reorganization and Initial Public Offerings is perferable.


Strong leadership, with experience of setting and manage high performance team; capability in communication and coordination;


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