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Department Sales Manager

by Yolanda Ye in Manufacturing    14th May, 2020    RMB 26k - RMB 50k

Sales Manager plays the role of a leader for a market segment. He plans, coordinates the implementation and reports the activities for a segment. The major objective is to drive the project win rate. As a leader, he organizes his dot line team from the regional teams. He needs to do training well to transfer the product knowledge to his team so that they are capable of selling. As a leader, he works with regional sales team to develop the competitive distribution channel to grow the market. He needs to work closely with Regional Sales Manager of Building to deliver profitable sales for company products and services.

Enquiry to Order (During Quotation) – Improve sales productivities & create growth.

l     询价到形成订单(在报价期间)-提高销售量并实现增长

l     Planning:    develop the order and sales plan for the segment, key action plans in line with company strategic plan

l     计划:为细分市场开发订单和销售计划,发展符合公司战略的关键行动计划

l     Coordination in Implementing:   leads the mega projects to win from enquiry to order, and uses his knowledge, relationship network,  and  selling skill to  improve the  win  rate. Specifically the  tasks covered are as follow:

l     执行协调:领导大型工程项目,运用自己的知识、关系网、销售技巧来提升赢得率。具体任务


Ø    Achieve  the order and sales targets monthly and annually ( double counting with regional sales force )

Ø   Establish global and national level account relationship with targeted design institutes, consulting companies, developers, contractors and sign the strategic framework agreements with these core accounts.

Ø    Find new project leads and assign them to different regions and sales engineers.

Ø     Major projects of the key accounts:   review quotation and value offering, advise on and lead the projects

Ø    Standardize the bidding document favorable to the company.

Ø    Collect and edit the book of reference projects and certificates needed for bidding

Ø    Measure the win rate of key accounts

Ø    完成月度、年度的订单和销售计划

Ø    与目标设计院、咨询公司、开发商、承包商建立全球和国家级客户关系,与这些核心客户签


Ø    发现新的项目负责人,并分派他们到不同的区域和不同的销售工程师

Ø    重要客户的主要项目:审查报价,对项目提议,并带领项目

Ø    标准化对 公司有利的招标文件

Ø    收集和编辑参考项目的手册以及招标需要的文件

Ø    衡量关键客户的赢率

l      Feedback  and  reporting:     Review  our  strategies  in  product  line,  pricing,  communication  and distribution competency to to improve win rate. On a timely basis to report the progress of the planned action plans.

l     反馈和报告:审阅我们在产品线、定价、沟通和分销能力上的战略,以提升赢率。及时报告行


l     Measure for this job: 衡量


Ø    Order and sales for his segment

Ø    Strategic framework agreement with key accounts

Ø    Number of seminars with targeted design institutes, consulting, developers, and contractors

Ø    Number of new leads

Ø    Win rate among the key accounts

Ø    细分市场的订单和销售

Ø    与重点客户的战略框架协议

Ø    与目标设计院、咨询公司、开发商、承建商举办的研讨会的数量

Ø    新领导的数量

Ø    重点客户的赢率

l     Order Fulfillment (After Order Entered) – Satisfying customer needs 订单履行(订单输入后)-满足


Ø    Coordinate sales team and IDAs to work with customer service team and the factory team to plan the production, the delivery schedule, and expedite the delivery when needed.

Ø    Coach the sales team and the IDAs to handle the complaints on delivery to turn negative into positive.

Ø    Coach sales team and the IDAs to do well the preparation for delivery, money collection and invoicing to customers.

Ø    协调销售团队和分销商,和客户服务人员及工厂团队一起工作,计划生产、交货日程,需要


Ø    指导销售人员和分销商处理关于交货的投诉,化被动为主动

Ø    指导销售人员和分销商做好交货准备、收款以及开具发票给客户

l     After sales (After goods shipped) – Building long term relationship 销售后(货物装运后)

Ø    Coordinate sales team and the IDAs to do well to follow up the delivery, to prepare for installation and to make sure good installation.

Ø    Support the sales team and the IDAs to work with after sales service to resolve the quality issues when arising.

Ø    Coach sales team and IDAs to handle the complaints from customers to protect the interest of the company and to turn the negative complaints into the positive relationship.

Ø    协调销售人员和分销商做好跟踪发货,准备并确保良好安装设备

Ø    支持销售人员和分销商处理客户投诉,保护 公司 利益,化负面投诉为积极关系



C) Job fit highlight: the factors within the job that certain employees may find particularly satisfying or dissatisfying. Such as, heavy volume of paper work, travel into dangerous countries etc.


l     Enquiry to Order (During Quotation) – Improve sales productivities & create growth.

l     询价到形成订单(在报价期间)-提高销售量并实现增长

l     Planning:    develop the order and sales plan for the segment, key action plans in line with company strategic plan

l     计划:为细分市场开发订单和销售计划,发展符合公司战略的关键行动计划

l     Coordination in Implementing:   leads the mega projects to win from enquiry to order, and uses his knowledge, relationship network,  and  selling skill to  improve the  win  rate. Specifically the  tasks covered are as follow:



by Yolanda Ye in Manufacturing    17th Apr, 2020    RMB 45k - RMB 80k

1.财务管理体系构建:根据公司全球发展战略规划,制定财务工作规划,明确公司财务系统的核心能力目标,职能、组织架构和阶段工作计划; Construction of financial system: In accordance with the business strategy and plan of company, to clarify the core competencies, functions, organization and executive plan.


Operation management and policy support: By combining with rules of financial and accounting, to make the financial analysis and operation report and give suggestions for management decisions.


Internal management: To assist to build up the global management system which include financial authorizing, risk, deal ,inspection and to keep the systems up and operational.


Fund allocation and supervision: To develop the standardized allocation system , balancing funds cost and collection. Identify, develop, and evaluate financing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and budget factors, to effectively manage projects profitably and within budget, control and forecast operating expenses.


Overseas EPC Sales Manager

by Yolanda Ye in Manufacturing    24th Mar, 2020    RMB 20k - RMB 42k

Handling of sales in EPC overseas project mainly in NC area within the framework of the strategies and policies of the company. To take care of the sales interests of the company in the market entrusted by purposeful field work and by keeping up mutual fruitful relations to the customers. To develop China oversea key account and gain Market share.

 To develop oversea key account development strategy and action plan, bear sales target and profit target in this market.
• Run oversea biz with China key customers and coordinate with relative parties.
• To call on customers according to weekly programs and by customers' request.
• To make proposal of the sales budget for the market/area in question. After review and approved by the Management to carry out the qualitative and quantitative targets as stated in the budget, in respect of policies and the authority assigned.
• To participate in market analyses referring to the market assigned.
• To act in customer meetings, arrangements, seminars, exhibitions, etc.
• To maintain serious and good relations with key customers, authorities, relevant bodies and distribution channels.
• To involve in dealing with customer's complaints of products and their functioning.
• To maintain a customer's data file containing visiting dates, arrangements agreed on, particulars about customers, relevant figures, quotations, sales turnover, etc.
• To monitor that product services live up to standards laid down by the company/the Group.
• To search for information on customers and competitor's lines of conduct and market trends as well, and in co-operation with the Management to consider actions that might be taken.
• To provide sales reports timely.
• To Cooperate with commercial team in oversea projects daily operation and management
• Daily sales activities and make yearly account plan for target customers.
• Engage technical and service team to make sure both technical and service level for customers.

Human Resources Manager

by Sadie Zhu in Manufacturing    4th Mar, 2020    Negotiable

To nurture a positive working environment, promoting corporate values and shaping a positive culture. Ensuring we have a happy and productive workplace where everyone works to realize our established mission and objectives. 1. Developing and implementing HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy 2. Bridge management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues 3. Manage the recruitment and selection process 4. Support current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital 5. Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system that drives high performance 6. Maintain pay plan and benefits program 7. Assess training needs to apply and monitor training programs 8. Ensure legal compliance as well as Ethics and Integrity.

Missions: 1.Maintain the approval process of the headcount plans (DL & IDL),review the organization and needs of each department. Approve the newly defined / updated policies & regulations. HR budgeting& realization. Manage the whole PD system. Manage to keep good moral and create dynamic atmosphere. Manage or supervise the process to deal with employee disputes. 2. Manage all recruitment activities according to the need. Ensure an effective system of the employee on-board and exit service and all related reporting tasks. 3. Manage to achieve the internal and external balance of the salary & benefit structure. Manage the process of payroll and all the other related tasks (SS, HF, IIT etc.) Manage the annual salary review and bonus review process. 4. Monitor the compliance of process with managers and corporate HR, give advice when appropriate to ensure personnel matters are handled in a consistent and legal manner as well as being in line with the organization's values 5.Validation of the training plan after the demand analysis & evaluation, to improve productivity and individual development. Supervise the course selection, coordination & evaluation. 6. Manage the administration aspects. Manage the HR skill development, transfer and internal backup. Coach and support subordinates for career deve lopment.Maintain a positive relationship with all HR related authorities. Deliver training to all staffon Ethics & Integrity. Ensure all staff follow the rules.

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