Successful case: Placement of a Customer Service Coordinator for a ship management service provider

... by Gemini Personnel 9th Jul, 2019

The client

Our client is one of the world’s largest providers of third-party ship management services, located in Singapore. With a global maritime network, they deliver products and services for ships related industries.


The client was specifically looking for a Customer Service Coordinator with experience in the Maritime industry who would be keen to grow within the company. In case we would come across any candidates during the process with a different background but demonstrable affiliation with the industry, the client would be willing to train the interested candidates.

The process

After searching and interviewing potential suitable candidates, Gemini’s consultant decided to only shortlist one candidate, since he seemed to be perfect for the position and the organisation. The HR Executive, who also functioned as the hiring manager, was immediately interested in the profile of this candidate, and so the candidate flew from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore the next week to meet the client.

The result

Shortly after the interview, the hiring manager offered the candidate the job. The candidate signed the contract and commenced work to the following month. The client praised Gemini’s consultant for the perfect match and professional support during the hiring process.

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