HR Consulting - 360 Feedback assessments

HR Consulting - 360 Feedback assessments by Gemini Personnel 3rd Oct, 2019
HR Consulting - 360 Feedback assessments

Gemini HR Consulting has recently completed a project with a client providing 360° Feedback assessments, and we think it’s worth sharing this project with you on our blog this month.

A 360° Feedback assessment is a tool that is widely used all over the world for developmental purposes. It is designed to reflect personal behaviour at work so that an employee understands others’ perceptions and opinions of them, in order to alter their working style and become more effective in their jobs. Whilst many companies use 360° Feedback assessments for professional development purposes, some companies nowadays also use it for performance evaluation purposes.

In Gemini’s 360° Feedback assessment, there are three main sections measured: Delivery of Results, Leadership & Communications and Business Strategy. Each section is built up of a varies of competencies, and each competency is rated through different statements. The participants rate themselves for every competency in through the questionnaire, and the results are compared to the feedback of different reference groups, such as managers, peers, direct reports, and vendors. Through comparing ones’ self-rating to the reference groups, the results offer valuable insight into how other people perceive their performance and behaviour at work. The competencies where the self-rating significantly differs from the reference group’s ratings is particularly interesting, and more importantly, how to bridge that gap in the future. The responders are also encouraged to give written feedback to the participants on their career development and constructive feedback on their everyday work.

One all results were collected, Gemini’s consultants conducted individual meetings with every participant in the project to present them with an assessment report, and define development goals. And I must say, the most commonly used word to describe the meeting would be eye-opening. Many participants are surprised by the insights gained from the report, how different they rate themselves compared to how others rate them. For example, some may think they are strong in certain aspects while others think otherwise, and some participants undervalue certain competencies when their managers recognise his/her potential.

Gemini’s consultants provided a factual presentation of the report, encouraging participants to self-reflect on the results, while asking appropriate questions and guiding the participant in summarising the report into development goals. It was definitely an enjoyable experience for us as we were all glad to see every participant walked away from the meeting with a determined look and action plan.

Whether you would like to invest in your employees’ development or you would like to offer Gemini’s 360° Feedback assessment on a corporate level, Gemini is ready to help! 

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