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CV tips from Gemini!

To help you improve your changes and personal branding with your CV, we spoke to our consultants and asked them about some of the common mistakes they find. Last week, we posted a blog about common CV mistakes. This week, we asked our expert consulta...

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Common CV mistakes founded by our consultants

At Gemini Personnel, our consultants receive a lot of CV’s for a wide range of positions, from junior to executive levels across many countries. A survey in 2012 revealed that recruiters and employers spend on average just 6 seconds reviewing a C...

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Common CV mistakes you need to avoid

You’ve been applying to jobs every day, but it seems as though all of your applications have disappeared into a black hole. Could it be your resume that isn’t getting you any interviews? With only a mere six seconds to “wow” a recruiter, havi...

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Build up your personal brand on Linkedin

Linkedin is becoming more and more important nowadays. It is the place where all Human Resources managers, recruiters and candidates are now networking. It is a good place for searching and viewing a person/company’s background directly. But with o...

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Email templates every job-seeker needs

Nowadays, Email is a common tool of communication used by recruiters or hiring managers to contact their potential candidates. Email communication may be one of the impressive ways to personalize your message, present a sincere attitude and provide s...

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Most creative resumes we have ever seen

Employers receive vast numbers of resumes every day from candidates hoping to land that dream job. Your résumé is the first step in introducing yourself, not only does it show your qualifications, skills and working experience, it also gives you an...

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